Changing the way we live

I have always been interested in having a garden, eating homegrown as much as possible. Ive always said when we move and have a bigger yard, I will make a garden! I would love to have an herb garden since we use alot of that, and veggies of course! So in light of that, I have decided to start actually using my bread machine and make my own bread. I spend more money than i need to on loaves of bread, crescent rolls, dinner rolls… and I figure, I have a bread machine, why not see if I can save some money by making it myself??

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Times are a changin’

Today as I was getting our room cleaned and organized, I couldnt help but think about how things are changing so much for me. It seems like just yesterday I was pregnant and then pregnant again… and one more time.. and it felt like that period of my life would never end. But now I am entering into a new phase of life. My baby is 2 and shes not a baby anymore. Im excited about the future, getting a new home and moving onto life with no babies or pregnancy.. but its a little bittersweet to think that door in my life has closed.

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Here we go December!

Wow this year has flown by, and I know Ive been stinking it up at blogging, but I try! I Really do! I went Black Friday shopping and got some great Christmas presents super cheap. Also got myself a new coat, which is pretty awesome. I AM SO EXCITED for Christmas! Its my favorite time of year. We have a full calender full of fun activities to do this month! Not to mention I need to potty train Shea.. she has been stripping down to naked for several weeks now and finding toilet paper and wiping herself. LOL! She obviously wants to be potty trained.. I just havent put it as a priority but she is so ready and I need to stop making her wait! After all, it will be cheaper once shes no longer in diapers! It is pretty funny though when I walk down stairs and she comes streaking through the house giggling! haha.

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Mark is 6! I feel old!

I cant believe my baby is 6 years old today. It really does make me sad. I dont know where the time has gone. Everytime people would say “it goes by fast” and just thought “ok yeah” and now I really do believe it. I remember being a scared new expecting mom in January of 2004. I had just gotten married that November right before this and already had found out I was pregnant. I remember I was so terrified of having to go get my blood drawn and even more terrified of having to push a child out. But it all worked out and he made me the happiest mommy ever! I just love him. Hes so unique. He loves to play Marine Corps but swears to us he doesnt want to do it for real when hes big. He is a math whiz. He can add and subtract double digits and even multiply. He is learning to read now that hes finally interested in it and is picking it up like its no big deal. He has the identical personality of my husband. In every situation I see Nathan in him. He looks exactly like him and IS exactly like him. Today when my husband left for class he said “see ya boss.” Hes such a goofball. I am thankful for him!

Happy birthday Mark Brian Coselmon!

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Thursday = Day of rest

It sure has been a busy week! I am glad today to have a day of NOTHING! Woohoo! I am coming down with a cold though I think, so I popped some Zicam (is that even whats its called?) So it should be gone by this evening I should hope. That stuff really works! Not everytime, but most of the time!

Today entails some cleaning if I can motivate myself, some school time with the kids, baking cookies, laundry and calling some of my hostesses for the weekend! I am excited, about life, about my kids, about my marriage, about how powerful God is, about where God is taking my business, about where God is taking my family in the next year.. and alot more things but those are the first ones I Thought of. You know one thing that has been on my heart alot lately is that if God has put a dream in your heart, no matter what it is, big or small, He makes it reachable to attain that Dream. I have been dreaming bigger this year and I can tell you thats Ive been happier and Ive been closer to God than ever before, because when we dream big and start living in our dream sometimes when things arent going so great, God is in that. When your dreams do come true, you arent the only one is affects. So think about your dream and think about who all will be affected by your dream in a positive way. Your dream isnt just about you, its involves everyone around you. If you dont have a dream in your heart, find one! It is so worth it.

On that note, have a WONDERFUL, blessed, dream filled day!

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Hello world!

Here I go trying to be a blogger once again! I used to use xanga, but thought it would be fun to try this. Inside the life of a scattered brained momma of 3! I got up this morning, got Mark’s lunch packed for school, got everyone ready to go, only to realize I cant find my keys! Thankfully his grandma is his teacher and was able to come pick him up. I still cant find them. I have things I have to do today! So to relieve my stress I decided to start a blog! haha. The agenda for the day is.. Take really past due library books back, deposit a check at the bank, Physical Therapy this afternoon and a Mary kay skin care class this evening!

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